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Let us split and keep track of your shared expenses so you don't have to. Ready to settle up? Send and receive money using your bank account. Did we mention it's free?

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Splitum has been constantly evolving to meet the needs of our users. Your voice has been heard for 12 years. Have a new feature in mind? Let us know.

Settle Up

Start paying all your friends back in one big payment. Why, you ask? This way you do not need to send, say, five people five different amounts.

Bank Accounts

No one has cash or change. Pay and get paid safely and securely with your bank account. You can, of course, record other payments.

Split with Style

Split a bill with some or all of your group members. Bills can be split equally, by custom amounts, or by percentage. It's up to you.

Splitum is the most robust bill splitting platform in the world.

The secret sauce for Splitum is an easy one. We sweat the small things for you.

We split bills with absolute precision right down to the last penny. Our payment algorithms have been finely-tuned to make sure that your group makes the least amount of payments possible when it's time to pay each other back. Splitum loves to put your mind at ease.

Let's roll

Groups, Unlimited Groups

Create groups with anyone. Our group experience takes care of your worries. Rest easy knowing that bills are split accurately and people are paid their fair share.


Our beautiful dashboard allows you to quickly see your balance across all groups and more.

Categorize Bills

Choose from our detailed list of categories to keep bills visually organized.


We know there are so many things to remember so add and complete tasks. Together.


Running Tab

Splitum keeps a running total so that you do not have to pay that $5 when you are still owed $20.


Go to on your mobile phone and enjoy the beautiful experience.


Comment on groups, bills, and payments so that everyone is on the same page.

When should I use Splitum?

Anytime you need to split expenses with people.






Rotate at desired intervals


Whose turn is it to clean the kitchen? Buy the groceries? Pick the activity for game night? Rotations allows you to keep track of all of this. Easily see what is assigned to you. Rotations can happen at extremely precise intervals such as "Every month on Friday the 13th".

Get Rotating

The average Splitum user saves their voice 3 times a year by not having to yell at their friends.


But don't take our word for it.

Logan Balas

Logan Balas

Sending and receiving money with my friends is much easier with Splitum thanks to the bank account integration.

Asta Howell

Asta Howell

Splitum is amazingly convenient! I love how it makes such a confusing back and forth process very smooth.

Jordan Yoerger

Jordan Yoerger

Splitum has made living with roommates a joy. We no longer have to keep track of who owes what.

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